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Surgical and Non-Surgical Procedures > Reconstructive Surgery
Otoplasty (Bat Ear or prominent Ear Correction)
Ear Deformities (Congenital and Acquired)
Outer Ear Reconstruction

Corrective surgery is often undertaken in children at school going age to reshape prominent ears or bat ears. This is known as ear tucking or pinning back of the ears. This surgery is performed under General Anaesthetic, and allows for the correction of the cause of the prominent ears by recreating normal folding of the unfolded cartilages or by carefully reducing and repositioning the cartilage in the bowl of the ear. The cut is usually hidden at the back of the ear and heals quickly.

Many other forms of outer ear surgery are available for the rebuilding of absent or congenitally underdeveloped ears, to repair ear injuries and to reconstruct defects from skin cancers on the ear pinna.

If an abnormality of the ear is detected at birth or even in utero – early moulding to reshape the ear is possible in the first few weeks of life.
In older teenagers and adults most ear surgery can be performed with local anaesthesia and supplementary conscious sedation as necessary.

Breast Reconstruction

Approximately 1 in 9 women around the world will have breast cancer in their lifetime. The surgery to remove larger lumps (Lumpectomy) or to remove the entire breast (Mastectomy) causes scarring and disfigurement. The Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon may join the General Surgeon at the time of lump removal to help reshape the remaining breast (Oncoplastic Surgery/ Breast Conserving Therapy) or to offer Breast Reconstruction for those who require a Mastectomy.

Breast Conserving Therapy allows for the removal of proportionately large lumps from the breast, with simultaneous rearrangement of the breast in a way similar to breast reduction or breast lifting surgery to leave a pleasant breast shape. These women will commonly have Radiotherapy after the surgery and Lymph Nodes have been tested.

Breast Reconstruction is offered at the time of the Mastectomy (Immediate Reconstruction) or after the Mastectomy and any adjuvant treatment such as Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy have been given.(Delayed Reconstruction). The reconstruction can also be offered in 1 or 2 or occasionally 3 stages. There are two basic techniques to create a breast; using your own tissues or using implants. Occasionally these are combined such as the Latissimus Dorsi muscle and skin flap to provide cover over a breast implant.

Using your own tissue (Autologous Reconstruction)) can be achieved by keeping the tissue partially attached (eg. Lat. Dorsi or pedicled TRAM) or by completely removing the tissue from the body and reconnecting vessels under the microscope in the new position (eg. Free TRAM or DIEAP).

The implant based method of reconstruction requires the placement of a expandable device as a first stage followed by a period of tissue expansion over a couple of months and then a replacement with a permanent anatomical implant once the desired size and shape is achieved.

Typically, the second stage of reconstruction allows for the reconstruction to be adjusted, for the other breast to be matched to the reconstructed side if necessary, and for the nipple and areola to be created.

Because there is a lot to understand, and because of a possibly long and complex process, I like to consult with my patients as often as is needed to refine their options to match their particular body shape and breast size.