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Dr. Timothy Perks
Plastic Surgeon

MBChB, FC Plast Surg (SA)

Tel: 043 7482279
Fax: 043 7482276


Physical Address:
Life Beacon Bay Hospital
32 Quenera Drive
Beacon Bay, 5241
East London
South Africa

Postal Address:
Postnet Suite 145
P.Bag x3
Beacon Bay, 5205
East London
South Africa
Surgical and Non-Surgical Procedures > Mole Mapping
Mole Mapping

I currently use Fotofinder Equipment for evaluation of skin spots.
This photographic system facilitates accurate analysis of pigmented skin lesions and allows for high resolution digital imaging and recording to track changes over time. New moles (naevi) and changing moles are particularly dangerous, and these can also be picked up with follow up visits.

Anyone who has multiple moles, changing or irritated moles or who is at risk because of family or personal history of Melanoma should be evaluated. Malignant Melanoma causes the majority of deaths from skin cancers! Fortunately it can be prevented by screening for atypical moles (dysplastic naevi), avoiding the sun, and having suspicious spots tested. Also report any pigmented spots of the hands, foot soles and nails.

Mole mapping is reimbursed by most medical aids according to the scheme and plan rules, however a GP referral letter may be required for certain policies.

Dr Perks commonly removes moles and pigmented lesions in the rooms or in theatre. He works closely with General surgeons, oncologists and pathologists in the treatment of Cutaneous Melanoma.

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